PRESS RELEASE – Swedish Horror Comedy AMERICAN BURGER in Competition at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

Prestigious International Debut!

American Burger has been selected for competition at SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (3-12 okt. 2014) in the Midnight Extreme – a section which boasts ”…a selection of the best independent horror movies. The films in this section are candidates for winning the Midnight X-treme Award, presented by the Carnet Jove Jury.”

A busload of American students, all jocks, cheerleaders and nerds, are on a culture trip in Europe when they stumble upon a mysterious Hamburger stand in the deep European woods, selling 100% American Burgers. A visit to the Burger Factory behind the stand, renders them trapped in this unknown territory, and they are about to realize that European notion of American Hamburgers is terrifyingly different from what they’re used to…

More about the Film:
American Burger is written and directed by debuting couple Bonita Drake and Johan Bromander who comment on the level of ambition for their first production: “We hope to do for Burgers what JAWS did for Sharks”.
AMERICAN BURGER is a Campy Horror Comedy, produced by LittleBig Productions AB and will be released 2014. The English language film is shot in Sweden with a mixed cast of English and Swedish actors and extras. Sales & distribution goes through Swedish Movieboosters AB.

More on Sitges:
SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is the number one fantasy film festival in the world and represents, at the same time, the cultural expression with the most media impact in Catalonia. With a solid experience, the Sitges Festival is a stimulating universe of encounters, exhibitions, presentations and screenings of fantasy films from all over the world.

Born in 1968 as the 1st International Week of Fantasy and Horror Movies, today the Festival is an essential rendezvous for movie lovers and audiences eager to come into contact with new tendencies and technologies applied to film and the audio-visual world.

Sitges’ status as the number one fantasy film festival in the world allows it to receive visits from top-level movie stars, directors and producers.

On the release:
The English version of the Film will be internationally released on October 17th through Movieboostes (through VHX) platform from where the film can be streamed or downloaded to own.
The audience is already now invited to join the AMERICAN BURGER fan base as well as to pre-buy streaming or download to own tickets in different packages from the film’s website.
From the 17th of October and onwards the film can be seen in cinemas, be found on local VOD platforms and will be released on DVD on the 22nd of October.
The film is aimed at an audience that loves pop culture and comedies in the horror genre and they will be able to access the film from all over the world, wherever they are.

För ytterligare information kontakta:
Anna G Magnúsdóttir, 070 2616465,
Anders Granström, 070 736 5106,


Press Release: Hemma 2013-09-03 Busan

World Premiere for HEMMA (HOME) in Busan, South Korea

Maximilian Hult’s first feature film HEMMA (HOME) has been Officially selected for Competition in the Flash Forward section at the 18th BUSAN International Film Festival (BIFF), which takes place on October 3rd through 12th, 2013. Flash Forward is a section for new narrative features from non-Asian filmmakers reflecting audacious creativities with clear senses of cinema as an art form.

The film is produced by LittleBig Productions in co-operation with Movieboosters, Filmmakers Stockholm and Spellbound Productions, Iceland with support from The Icelandic Film Centre and The Ministry of Industries and Innovations.