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  • Original Title: INTE HELT 100
  • Genre: Documentary / Lifestyle
  • Length: 56 minuter
  • Language: Svenska
  • Subtitles: Engelska
  • Production company: Bright Film & The Klas
  • Producers:
    • Christopher Sanitate
    • Klas Hjertberg
  • Distribution: Movieboosters AB & Bright Film
  • International & Nordic Sales: Movieboosters AB

Grumpy Old Skaters

The documentary movie GRUMPY OLD SKATERS (NOT QUITE 100) is a kind of a drama between the two legendary skaters Janne Loftén och Johnny Sandberg from Sweden. Two men in the age of the 50´s have been skating together for over 35 years. In a light babyblue old Dodge with horns placed on the hood of the van they drive around tracking pools and ramps that can challenge. Even nowadays they travel around taking part in skateboard competitions. In everyday life Janne is working as an industrial designer and Johnny as a baker. Their lives consist of a lot of skateboarding but also of a lifelong friendship. The skating, their humour and the question of what is important in life unify Janne and Johnny but the friendship and the skating challenge them both in and outside the ramp. How long can a friendship survive?


The skaters Janne and Johny from Stockholm are 50+, otherwise and differs much from each other. What unifies them is the skateboard. Skateboarding has given them a very long friendship. In a light babyblue old Dodge with horns placed on the hood of the van they drive around tracking tough pools and ramps. For finding these they literally have to dig shit. An unused tunnel construction stuffed with cow shit in the Swedish countryside challenge them as well as the professional competition Bowl-A-Rama i Getxo, Bilbao, where the competition is high among the worlds best skaters under a sticking heat and sun. But not only the skating challenges Janne and Johnny, so does also the long lasting friendship that forces the question, what is friendship?

Janne keeps back information and make promises that he doesn´t keep, according to Johnny. But Janne keeps calm knowing how to get Janne in a good mood again. But it takes some time. Their companionship breaks for a while. They come from different surroundings, with different social language and expectations but the great humour and the skating unifies. Or may it be Jannes surprise for Johnny and the realization that they can´t live without each other that breaks the ice between them?


Two legendary 50 years grumpy old skaters that still after 35 years are challenging the dangerous sport as well as their equally long friendship.



Christopher Sanitate

Christopher Sanitate

Independent filmmaker and co-founder of the company Bright Film. Work as producer, director and editor since 20 years. Worked mostly with commercials, short format TV and special assignments. Origins from Detroit, USA but grew up in the Swedish countryside before moving to Stockholm. Currently lives in Solna, just outside Stockholm. 49 years old and still active as skateboarder. Christopher Sanitates shortfilm Barking Nowhere won the first price for the best film at the festival Riders Film Festival 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

Klas Hjertberg

Klas Hjertberg

Independent director of photography and co-founder of The Klas AB. He has been shooting still film and editing since 20 years. Worked mostly with commercials, short format TV and special assignments. Origins from Småland in southern Sweden, Currently lives in Nacka, just outside Stockholm. 49 years old and active as surfer and skateboarder.


Jan Loftén

Jan Loftén

An artist, industrial designer and skateboarder. From Huddinge outside of Stockholm. Works part time as head of education at Beckmans Design College in Stockholm and part time as an artist and designer with a strong focus on wood. Jan Loftén was one of the founder of Stockholm Sub/Huddinge Bräd Army and has since early 1980 been acting for building up and sponsoring ramps around Stockholm. Jan is 50 years old.

Johnny Sandberg

Johnny Sandberg

A professional baker and skateboarder from Upplands Väsby outside of Stockholm. When not skateboarding he spends a lot of time in his metal workshop, fixing up cars and other stuff. Johnny is 51 years old.