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Anders Granström |

There are only three ways out, by boat, by plane, or by Gringa

Manuel (Nirvado Carillo) is a destitute farmhand from the Andes with little hopes for the future. Armed with a manual on how to charm a Gringa, he hopes to get a new start. The pavements in Cuzco are lined with Gringas and Manuel eagerly starts applying the technique. But it’s not so easy as it seems.

When Manuel at last meets the Swedish Lena (Gunilla Röör), it seems his luck has changed and his dream of the “Europas” is within reach. But as it turns out Lena is in Peru for her own dark reasons.

Director’s Comment

Cuzco, Peru, is full of expectant tourists, looking for new experiences, and poor Peruvians trying to make a living, best they can. So, it’s an interesting meeting point. I wanted to tell a light-hearted story about a wannabe Brichero with high hopes for the future, but little skills in the trades.

Basic Info

GenreComedy | Drama
Runtime75 min.
ProducersAnders Granström
Anna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorCesar Galindo
Co-ProductionRuna Film
CastGunilla Röör
Nivardo Carillo
Per Sandberg
Raul Brosovich
Teresa Lastarria
Jhon Padovani
ScriptwriterMario Guevara
Cesar Galindo
PhotoJuan Duran
EditingEdgar Lostaunau
Tomas Holewa
Post-ProductionEdgar Lostaunau
Bernt Eklund
CinePost Studios AB

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